Good Intentions vs. The Reality Of 24-Hour Days

It all started as it should, with good intentions. I knew that Darling-Chéri would be away all day on Saturday and thought this would be a great time to tackle more of the tasks on the never-ending all-time list of things we have to do. During the week, I started to draw another list: that of the things I would do on Saturday: the fact that both lists more or less matched should have been an indicator that I wouldn’t be able to do it all. But somehow it wasn’t. So come Saturday, I’m ready. It’s sunny, we’re up early (well, for us 9am is early at the week-end) and I can’t wait to get started.

It’s all there:
– Go to the Post Office to pick up a letter that was sent to me 2 weeks ago. I only have one day left now, so time to go.
– Go to a DYI store to buy gardening gloves, a wallpaper stripper, paint for our bedroom and for the bathroom, blinds and furniture for the bathroom, as well as look at lawnmowers, barbecues and garden furniture. And find some mint seeds. And a new tree support for the peach tree. And possibly a new outdoors rotary clothes dryer.
– Pop to the butchers to get some mince for the moussaka I’ve been meaning to cook for 10 days
– Stare at my seedlings trays in the hope this will force things to grow.
– Strip the lining paper in our bedroom
– Plant the mint seeds, change the tree support, pluck everything out of the raised flowerbed, remove the old solar lamps that don’t work.
– Finally manage to film the very confused bird that’s been fighting its own reflection in the mirror that’s set up in the garden
– Remove the ugly marble stand at the back and pluck all the weeds around there
– Check out the old rotary clothes airer to see if it needs replacement.
– Trim the hedge that’s already going a bit wild
– Make the abovementioned moussaka
– Watch Eat, Pray, Love (yes, that’s part of the to-do list!)
– Cook the courgette and goat’s cheese soup I also forgot to cook last week-end
– Do some more laundry
– Sugarsoap the walls in the second bedroom

Why I thought I could fit all of that in a week-end, let alone one day is slightly beyond me in hindsight. But for about 2 hours on Saturday, I thought I could handle it. I felt like Wonder Woman. Shades on, windows down, music shaking the car… I was off to the Post Office. There was no queue, so I was in and out and quickly headed to the DIY store. For someone who always makes lists, I surprised myself by going there without one but to be fair I had been thinking about it for several days so it was more or less carved into my brain. I think I found most of what I really needed, picked up some stuff I hadn’t thought of, skipped the whole browsing thing and got back home in time to grab a bit of lunch before getting started.

I wanted to spend some time in the garden first as the weather was lovely. I did lots of the little tasks on the list (removing the marble stand, changing the tree support, swapping the solar lamps, staring at my seedlings…). Unfortunately I began to go off-piste attempting to trim the thuja that forms the secret passage to the garage. I discovered in the process that this tree attracts wasps, but I somehow managed to not scream my head off every time one was flying past me. Sadly, things never really went back on track after that.. I stared at the seedlings a bit more then moved to the front garden, got the hedge under control and picked a number of dead plants and nettles from the raised flowerbed.

After tidying everything up, I stared at the seedlings a bit longer (a watched pot never boils, I know) then I moved back indoors and crashed on the sofa to watch Eat, Pray, Love while waiting for Darling-Chéri. It turns out I am not Wonder Woman (there goes the dream down the gutter), so no butchers, no cooking, no stripping the lining paper, and no cleaning the walls in the second bedroom. And still no luck with that crazy bird, it seems to feel when I’m pointing at it with the camera, even from inside the house!

We did a bit more on Sunday but it’s safe to say we still have a fair amount of unfinished business! With my mother coming for her first visit in over two years at Easter, the pressure’s on so I guess we’ll start again next week-end, with another batch of good intentions! I’m already tired just thinking about it!