The Redecorating Project: Undecorating

I posted a while back some pics of our house on the day we moved in, which was back in December. Well, after not doing much to it for a few months, we decided that we needed to re-decorate it, and then buy furniture (it turns out our cardboard-box-based shelving system is not that robust after all!). So the first step was actually an un-decorating project: removing all the woodchip lining paper, picture rails, built in bookshelves, cabinets, wardrobes and side boards to start from scratch again. Well, it was painful, tiring and excruciatingly mind-numbing at times, but we’ve done really well since June and as a result our house now looks like a pretty building site or, as Darling-Chéri puts it: we’ve been the victims of extreme burglary, they even took the wallpaper!!

Next up, we have someone coming in to skim the walls, fix some floorboards and do some of the painting for us, and then we’ll finally get to the fun part: furnishing and decorating! I can’t wait to start discussing wall colours, decal patterns, and the merits of the Billy Bookcase with Darling-Chéri, although I’m not sure he is quite as excited!