Grow Some, Will You?

Aside from the woodchip lining paper, one of the best things about our new house is the garden. Growing up we had a lovely garden which my mother used to maintain to very high standards despite working full time. There was a rather large lawn, lots of flowers and lots of fruit trees. And I still have fond memories of picking cherries, raspberries, plums or pears, cutting mint or rosemary or checking whether the grapes or rhubarb were ready.  So here I am, a number of years later, in my mother’s footsteps (well trying to follow anyway).

A very nostalgic pic of my mother’s garden

When we moved in, the garden was extremely busy with all sorts of crap decorative pots and artefacts so I had to throw a lot of simplify things first to really see the space. As soon as things got clearer, I started wanting to plant stuff. And usurprisingly, that had to be fruits and herbs and the likes. Having taken stock of what was already there (2 small cherry trees, 1 small pear tree, 1 small apple tree, some strawberries plants and what I believe is a young peach tree), I started my own seedlings in the greenhouse the owner left behind: parsley, mint, rosemary, more strawberries, some chilies, chives, thyme and basil. The fruit trees really struggled this year, with illnesses, bugs and Mother Nature being generally a bit out of kilter. As a result we only got a few cherries and strawberries despite loads of flowers and bees during spring. Hopefully with some re-potting (yes, everything is in pots in this place) and general TLC next year will be better and I can decide which trees will actually go into the ground. As for the herb garden, we’re having a bit of a battle with slugs and weeds but everything is growing nicely in their pots, just waiting to go in the ground.

Our no-so-hot chili peppers

Thyme, strawberries, mint, parsley and chives awaiting a more permanent set-up

Our confused apple tree has started flowering again… in October!

Next step: working out what flowers I’d like. Having removed a lot of the degenerated bulbs, wild forget-me-nots and columbines that had invaded every bit of the garden, I think I’m going to have to re-populate a little! Any suggestions for a pretty garden that’s colourful most of the year yet easy to maintain?