A Splash Of Colour, 22 Pots Of Paint

My first entry in a Daily Post Writing Challenge, let’s see how it goes!

When it comes to colours, there is so much to be inspired by! Fiery autumn leaves, yellow daffodils, pure white snow, a clown’s bright outfit, turquoise sea, and the numerous nuances of grey in the English sky… Colours… What a rich topic…

Sadly for me, right now colours don’t make me feel poetic or contemplative. Right now, we’re in the middle of redecorating our house. After stripping all the lining paper off, we are getting the walls and ceilings skimmed so we are ready for the next step: painting. And painting involves… colours! Hundreds of them! I mean, 50 shades of grey, quite literally! And then repeat with the blues, the reds, the greens, the yellows… you get the drift. And I’m only talking about Dulux, but you’d also have to look at all the other brands just in case someone else has that extra shade you couldn’t possibly live without.

So Darling-Chéri and I are having all these really cool conversations at home in the evening, looking at all my lovely big paint swatches:
– Me: what do you think of “Ballgown” for the dining-room? We could use it for a feature wall (yes a feature wall) and have “A Whisper Of Choc Chip” on the rest of the room?
– DC: Hmmm… It does look good but I think “Muddy Puddle” would go better with it.
– Me: Is it not going to be too dark? Maybe “Soft Stone” or “Toasted Almond”?

Repeat for each room, each wall, each ceiling and each skirting board (thank God we removed the picture rails!)… And with all these incredible names, if anyone is spying on us right now, they may very well think that we are plotting something! I wouldn’t be surprised if MI5 suddenly turned up at our door. Although I have to admit, as a Marketing professional, I love all these names. I mean, imagine the challenge in naming a shade of red when there are so many other shades AND you need to differentiate yourself from your competitors!

And to think that choosing the colour is only one part of the issue: we still need to decide on what finish we want (flat matt, matt, sheen, silk, gloss etc) or even the type of paint (one-coat, easy clean, durable, eco-friendly, eggshell…). Of course, after all that time spent choosing, we’ll compare our dream set-up to the budget we have and we may well end up with white undercoat heavily cut with water throughout the house!
Oh joy!