Croque-Mrs And Lazy Sunday Mornings

Lazy Sunday mornings are the best. Mostly because they usually come at the end of a wild work week, a busy DIY Saturday or an intoxicated night out or a mix of the three.

So come Sunday we are all too happy to stay in bed for as long as we can before dragging ourselves downstairs to prepare what has quickly become one of our favourite breakfasts (ahem… brunch/lunch/mid-afternoon snack): the Croque-Mrs. It’s definitely not my healthiest recipe, but it feels like a comforting hug on those special mornings after the night before, and that’s where it all started! A couple of years back, on a morning afternoon after a somewhat inebriated night out, we decided we’d make lazy Croque-Madames (without the Bechamel sauce), only to realise we had no ham or gruyere.  Never mind, we decided to anglicise the recipe, so here are the Croque-Mrs:

For 4 Croque-Mrs
Prep: 10 minutes
Cooking 5 minutes

4 slices of bread
8 bacon rashers
4 eggs
4 slices of cheddar or about 100g of grated cheddar

Grill the bacon under the grill or on a griddle pan. In our home we like it crispy, but it’s personal preference that rules on this one!
Place the bread under the grill (medium) until lightly toasted.
Turn the slices over and spread butter on the non-toasted side.
Now, timing is of the essence if you like to eat uniformly warm food, so you might want to start frying your eggs now.
When the eggs are doing their thing in the frying pan, place 2 bacon rashers on each slice, then add the cheese.
Place under the grill (low) for 3-4 minutes until the cheese has melted.
By then, your eggs should also be cooked so you can start plating up by simply topping each slice of bread with a fried egg.

Serve with ketchup or something tomato-based if you fancy cooking.

C’est prêt, bon appétit!