Who Am I?

I left Paris and arrived in London for 6 months… in February 2006.

My friends describe me as a chameleon for my ability to adapt to situations. I see myself as a cross between a penguin (graceful) and a mule (stubborn).

I love cooking. I love cooking accessories. I am a kitchen-geek.

In a previous life not so long ago I used to write poems, short stories and I have started at least 3 novels where I’m still stuck on the first chapter.

I have a camera stuck to my hand. I just need to remember to charge the batteries every now and again.

I am clumsy. In my first 2 weeks of moving in with Darling-Chéri I had broken 1 plate and 3 wine glasses. I don’t wash the dishes anymore.

Aged 4, I was jealous of my brother who could read stories in his bed at night. So I more or less forced my parents to teach me how to read on breakfast cereals boxes. Nu-tel-la. Co-co-pops.

For the past year, I have developed a growing interest in gardening. At the moment, it’s mostly about weeding, weeding again, and weeding a bit more. But one day I will start planting pretty flowers. I will.


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