Bonjour le monde!

So here we are… almost – for a couple of months Darling-Chéri and me have been “about to move” in our new house. It’s tantalisingly close, but as usual a few things are holding up the process. Our sollicitor keeps saying it will all be sorted this week. But after a few weeks of hearing him say that the urge to punch him is getting greater and greater. Especially as our seller is adding pressure breathing down our necks saying he really wants to move now! Well so do we!

Now hopefully this will actually get solved rapidly. In the meantime, I’ll have to keep myself busy: packing our stuff at the flat, reading one decoration magazine after another, writing this blog, cooking, working, fixing my earings etc. I need to fit in as much as possible to distract myself from the fact that things just aren’t moving much at the moment!

To be honest, there’s a heap of reasons why we don’t particularly need to move right now, but now that we’ve found the right place, we might as well. And also, my mother wants to come and visit us in December and I’d like to avoid having to put her in a hotel again if possible!

So here’s to a move in the next… four weeks (let’s be generous!)


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